You can go to the official website and apply on your own for the Kenya Green Card Lottery. There are several forms to fill out, which might make the process tiresome. However, you can simplify the process by utilizing‘s outstanding services, as our knowledgeable staff has developed a less complicated DV Lottery Entry Form to be filled out for the application for a Diversity Visa Lottery. If you are chosen, we will also email you a preparation guide. You can read the following section to learn more about the Kenya Green Card Lottery:

What is a Green Card Lottery Kenya?

Kenyan nationals can apply for the Department of State’s Green Card Lottery in order to be entered for a chance to get permanent residency. With, you can learn more about the process to apply for it right now.

What is the next step after I submit my Diversity Visa Lottery Application?

We will email you the confirmation number and the preparation guide with all the next stages after we submit your application for a Green Card Lottery Kenya. In May of next year, you can check the status of your application. You must set up your visa interview if you were chosen in the lottery. During the interview, if you meet all the conditions, your application will be approved.

Can I rely on

You can rely on to complete a DV Lottery Entry Form since we have served our clients well for a long time, and you can see their testimonials on our website.